Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bonus Post

I grabbed some images to add to my previous post and didn't use them. I thought I'd post them here so it wasn't an entirely wasted effort -grin-.

Melinda Elvina Smith, aka Linda Stapleton Smith was married three times - to William Henry Gavin, then James Patrick Walsh, and finally to Hugh Simmons. She was a half-sister to my great grandfather and lived across the road from him circa the 1930s/1940s. They died just a few weeks apart, though I don't know if they kept in touch with each other.

Linda Smith's son from her first marriage had two daughters. One died young. The other lost her mother at an early age and went to live with Linda. Her name was also Linda, and her married name was Linda Grumont. When I met her in the early 2000s she was close to 90 years old, and as sharp as a tack. She was the person who gifted me the box of letters, and a huge pile of photographs of Linda, and Linda's half sister Myrtle, and of Linda's daughter Doris. It is a treasure trove, and it almost feels bottomless.

These photos from the box are said to be of Linda Stapleton Smith. There are no notations of date or location on any of them.


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