Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Delighted by Newly Arrived DNA Results

It has been an age since my last post, and for no good reason. I just got distracted and wandered off, as is my wont. My youngest, Womble, was sick at the time but it was just one of those childhood illnesses that's over in days, and he's fine now.

I've been very excited today because the results of my Ancestry DNA test are in! The ethnicity estimates offers few surprises, which is its own kind of exciting because it means my research hasn't been too far off the mark. It estimates a combined total of 75% English/Irish/Scottish ancestry, and 10% West European with the remaining 15% divided between six other regions (Scandinavia, Iberian Peninsula, Europe East, Finland/Northwest Russia, Italy/Greece, European Jewish). However, I've left it a bit late to write this post this evening so I think I'll close here and follow up another day :)


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